Terms and Conditions

General provisions

These conditions are valid only between MACLART S.r.l., with registered offices in Via Aquileia no. 17 – Udine (Ud), REA 295727, P.IVA 02889320301, and any person who makes purchases online on the website www.repente.it, hereinafter referred to as ‚CLIENT‘. These conditions may be subject to change and the date of publication of the same on the Site is equivalent to the date of entry into force.
These conditions govern the purchases made on the www.repente.it site in accordance with the provisions of Part III, Title III, Chapter I, Consumption Code, Legislative Decree no. n. 206/2005, as amended by D.lgs. n. 21/2014 and D.lgs. 70/2003 on electronic commerce.

ARTICLE 1 – Subject of the contract

With these general sales conditions, MACLART S.r.l. places and the CLIENT acquires the material goods shown and offered for sale on the website www.repente.it with the brand REPENTE
The contract is concluded exclusively through the Internet, through the CUSTOMER’s access to www.repente.it and the execution of an order of purchase according to the procedure provided by the site itself.
The customer agrees to view, prior to confirming his order, the present general conditions of sale, in particular the pre-contractual information provided by MACLART S.r.l. and accept them by affixing a flag in the box indicated.
In the confirmation email of the order, the CUSTOMER will also receive a pdf copy of these general sales conditions, as provided for in art. 51 paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree 206/2005, as amended by Legislative Decree 21/2014.

ARTICLE 2 – Pre-contractual information for the consumer – art. 49 of Legislative Decree 206/2005

Before the conclusion of the purchase agreement the CUSTOMER gets acquainted with the characteristics of the goods shown on the individual sheets produced when the customer chooses.
Before the conclusion of the purchase contract and prior to validating the order with „payment obligation“, the CUSTOMER is informed about:
– the total price of the goods including the taxes, with the details of the shipping costs and any other costs;
– terms of payment;
– the time within which MACLART S.r.l. undertakes to deliver the goods;
– the conditions, terms and procedures for exercising the right of withdrawal (Article 7 of these Conditions) and the type of withdrawal form set out in Annex I, Part B of Legislative Decree 21/2014;
– information that the CUSTOMER will have to bear the cost of returning the goods in case of withdrawal;
– the existence of a legal guarantee of conformity for the goods purchased;
– post-sales support conditions and commercial guarantees provided by MACLART S.r.l ..
The CUSTOMER can at any time and in any case prior to the conclusion of the contract, be acquainted with the information relating to MACLART S.r.l., the geographical address, telephone and fax number, e-mail address ,information that is reported as follows:

registered office Via Aquileia, 17 – 33100 Udine
tel. +39 0424 472747
email: [email protected]
PEC: [email protected]

ARTICLE 3 – Conclusion and Effectiveness of the Contract

The sales contract is considered concluded after the sending by MACLART S.r.l. to the CLIENT of a confirmation email of the order. The email contains the CUSTOMER data and the order number, the price of the goods purchased, the shipping costs and the delivery address to which the goods will be sent and the copy in pdf format of these general conditions of sale.

The CUSTOMER undertakes to verify the correctness of the personal data contained therein and to promptly notify MACLART S.r.l. any corrections.

MACLART S.r.l. it undertakes to describe and present the articles sold on the site in the best possible way. Nevertheless, some errors, inaccuracies or small differences between the site and the actual product may appear. Furthermore, the photographs of the products presented on www.repente.it are not a contractual element, as they are only representative.

MACLART S.r.l. undertakes to deliver the goods within 30 days from the sending by MACLART S.r.l. of the order confirmation email to the CUSTOMER.

ARTICLE 4 – Availability of products

The availability of the products refers to the actual availability when the CUSTOMER orders. However, this availability must be considered purely indicative because, due to the simultaneous presence on the site of multiple users, the products could be sold to other CUSTOMERS before order confirmation.

Even after sending the order confirmation email sent by MACLART S.r.l., there may be cases of partial or total unavailability of the goods. In this case, the order will be automatically adjusted by deleting the unavailable product and the CLIENT will be immediately informed by email.

If the CUSTOMER, as a result of the unavailability of the product, requires the cancellation of the order, terminating the contract, MACLART S.r.l. will refund the amount paid within 14 days from the day MACLART S.r.l. was aware of the customer’s decision to terminate the contract.

ARTICLE 5 – Terms of Payment

Any payment by the CLIENT can be done by means of one of the methods indicated in the order form of the site www.repente.it

At no time during the purchase procedure, MACLART S.r.l. will have access to CUSTOMER’s credit card information (eg credit card number, expiration date, etc.) that are sent directly to the subject that handles the electronic payment on a secure connection from an encryption protocol. These data are not accessible and are not stored by MACLART S.r.l. in any computer store.

MACLART S.r.l. may in no case be held responsible for any fraudulent, illicit or unlawful use of credit cards and prepaid cards by a third party.

ARTICLE 6 – Prices

All sales prices of the products on www.repente.it are expressed in Euro / GBP / USD and include standard packaging costs, VAT (if applicable) and any other indirect taxes (if applicable).

Shipping costs are not included in the purchase price, but are indicated and calculated at the time of the purchase process before the payment is made.

The CUSTOMER accepts the faculty of MACLART S.r.l. to change its prices at any time, however, the goods will be billed based on the prices indicated on the site at the time of order creation as indicated in the confirmation e-mail sent by MACLART S.r.l. to the client.

In the eventuality of computer, manual, technical, or any other mistake that may cause a substantial change, not foreseen by MACLART Srl, of the sale price to the public, making it exorbitant or clearly inappropriate, the purchase order will be considered invalid and canceled and the amount paid by the CLIENT will be refunded within 14 days from the day of annulment.

ARTICLE 7 – Right of withdrawal

In accordance with the legal provisions in force, the CLIENT has the right to withdraw from the purchase without any penalty and without specifying the reason within 14 days from the date of the delivery of the products.

The CUSTOMER will have to follow the instructions below in order to successfully complete the return procedure.

  1. Log in
  2. Go to the „My Orders“ section on the MYREPENTE page to find all your orders
  3. For each order you will have the option to click on the „Request Warranty“ button
  4. Select what products you want to claim for the refund and indicate the amount
  5. Select the reason for the return from the list

Alternatively, the CUSTOMER who intends to exercise the right of withdrawal may communicate it to MACLART Srl via Leonardo Da Vinci, 28, Marostica 36060, Vicenza – Italy through an explicit statement by registered letter A / R, by telephone at +39 0424 472347, by sending mail to [email protected] To this end, it may use the form of the withdrawal form attached to Annex I, Part B, Legislative Decree 21/2014 (not mandatory), the text of which is:

Type withdrawal form pursuant to art. 49, paragraph 1, lett. h)

(fill in and return this form only if you want to withdraw from the contract)

MACLART S.r.l. Via Aquileia n. 17 – 33100 Udine,

phone: +39 0424 472347

e-mail: [email protected]

With the present I / We (*) notify (*) the withdrawal of my / our (*) sales contract of the following goods / services (*)

  • Ordered (*) / received the (*)
  • Name of the consumer (s)
  • Consumer Address (s)
  • Signature of the consumer (s) (only if this form is sent in hard copy)
  • Date

(*) Delete the unused term.

In the event of exercise of the right of withdrawal, the CUSTOMER is required to return the goods within 14 days of the date on which it communicated to MACLART S.r.l. his will to withdraw from the contract pursuant to art. 57 of Legislative Decree 206/2005.

The goods must be returned to MACLART S.r.l., at the operational headquarters of Marostica

The direct costs of returning the products are to be borne by the CUSTOMER.

The goods must be returned in full, in the original packaging, complete in all parts (including packaging and any documentation and ancillary equipment) and complete the attached tax documentation. Subject to the possibility of verifying compliance with the above, MACLART S.r.l. will refund the amount of the goods being returned within a maximum of 14 days, including any shipping costs.

As described by art. 56 paragraph 3 of Legislative Decree 206/2005, as amended by D.lgs 21/2014, MACLART S.r.l. may suspend the repayment until the receiving of the goods or until the CUSTOMER demonstrates that they have returned the goods to MACLART S.r.l ..

MACLART S.r.l. will make a refund using the same payment method chosen by the CUSTOMER when purchasing. In the case of payment made by wire transfer, and if the CUSTOMER intends to exercise its right of withdrawal, it must provide to MACLART S.r.l. the IBAN, SWIFT, and BIC coordinates required for the repayment.

ARTICLE 8 – Legal Compliance Guarantee

In the event of receiving goods that are not in compliance with the orders or defective, the CUSTOMER is entitled to repair without the expense of the product. The CUSTOMER can exercise this right if the defect occurs within two years of delivery of the goods and communicates the defect to MACLART S.r.l. within two months of the discovery.

Subsequently, the customer will have to proceed with the creation of a resume file.

In case of defective or non-conforming product, MACLART S.r.l. will arrange to withdraw the product, at its own expense, in accordance with the CUSTOMER’s availability.

ARTICLE 9 – Delivery Methods

MACLART S.r.l. will only accept orders to be delivered in the territory of the European Union. The products will be delivered by express courier to the address indicated by the CUSTOMER at the time of order within and not more than 30 days from the date of receipt by the CUSTOMER of the confirmation e-mail order sent by MACLART S.r.l

For each order made on www.repente.it, MACLART S.r.l. sends invoice / receipt of the goods shipped. The invoice / receipt is available and printable, after ordering, in the section MY REPENTE> „My Orders“ on the internet site repente.it. After the invoice is issued, you will not be able to make any changes to the data given in same.

ARTICLE 10 – Liability

MACLART S.r.l. does not assume any responsibility for disruptions due to major force or fortuitous events, even if they are due to malfunctions of the Internet, in the event that they fail to execute the order within the terms of the contract.

ARTICLE 11 – Intellectual Property

The CUSTOMER acknowledges and agrees that all copyrights, trademarks and any intellectual property right on materials or content presented as an integral part of the web site are the property of MACLART S.r.l. and those who have licensed for their use. CUSTOMER may only use this material in the manner in which it will be expressly authorized by MACLART S.r.l. or by those who granted us license for their use. This will not prevent the CUSTOMER from using this website to the extent necessary to copy the information on your order or contact information.

The CUSTOMER has the right to access the site for consultation and purchase. No other use, in particular commercial, of the site or its contents, is permitted. The integrity of the site’s elements, whether sound or visual, and the related technology remain the property of MACLART S.r.l. and are protected by intellectual property law.

ARTICLE 12 – Virus, piracy and other computer attack risks

CUSTOMER will have to avoid any unwarranted use of this site as well as avoid the introduction of viruses, trojan horses, worms, logical bombs or other programs or materials that may cause technological damage. If you do not have permission, you will not be allowed to access the website or the hosting server or other servers, computers, or databases related to the MACLART Srl property site. You agree not to commit DoS attacks to this web site.

Failure to comply with this clause may result in any breach specified in the relevant legislation. In case of non-compliance with the aforementioned regulations, MACLART S.r.l. will inform the competent authorities with whom they will collaborate to identify the perpetrators of the attack. Likewise, in case of non-compliance with this Article, the permission to use the website will be withdrawn.

To the maximum extent permitted by current legislation and respect for fundamental consumer rights, MACLART Srl declines any responsibility in the event of any damage or loss resulting from a DoS attack, virus or other program or material that could cause technological damage to the CUSTOMER’s computer , computer equipment, data or materials as a result of using the website or downloading content from it or redirecting it to the CLIENT itself.

ARTICLE 13 – Links from our website

If the site contains links to other pages or third-party materials, such links will be provided for information, without control by MACLART S.r.l. on the content or materials contained in such pages or sites. Therefore, MACLART S.r.l. disclaims any liability in the event of any damage or loss arising from their use.

ARTICLE 14 – Written communications

Applicable legislation provides that part of the information or communications that MACLART S.r.l. will send to CLIENT, will be written. When using this website, the CLIENT agrees that most of the communications exchanged with MACLART S.r.l. are in electronic format. The CLIENT will be contacted via e-mail, or by providing appropriate alerts on this website. For contractual purposes, the CUSTOMER agrees to this electronic means of communication, acknowledging that all contracts, alerts, information and other communications provided electronically will comply with the legal requirement that requests written form for such communications. This provision does not in any way limit the rights recognized by current legislation.

ARTICLE 15 – Integrity

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are made up of all the clauses that form them. If one or more of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale are considered invalid or declared in accordance with the law, regulation or decision of a court having jurisdiction, the other provisions will continue to be fully effective and effective.

ARTICLE 16 – Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are subject to Italian law and will be interpreted accordingly

Any disputes that can not be resolved will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of the place of residence or domicile of the CUSTOMER, qualified as a final consumer, if located in the territory of the State. If, on the other hand, the CUSTOMER acts in the exercise of his business, commercial or professional, the parties consensually establish the exclusive competence of the Vicenza Tribunal.

ARTICLE 17 – Stronger force

We will in no way be liable for any default or delay in the performance of any of the obligations under the Contract caused by events outside our reasonable control („Major Force Events“). Force Major Events means any act, event, failure to occur, omission or accident outside any reasonable control; such expression includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Strikes, locks or other trade unions.
  2. Rioting, rebellion, invasion, terrorist attacks or threats of terrorist attacks, wars (whether declared or not), or threats of war.
  3. Fires, explosions, storms, floods, earthquakes, landslides, epidemics or other natural disasters.
  4. Inability to use rail, shipping, aerial, motor transport or other public or private means of transport.
  5. Inability to use public or private telecommunications networks.
  6. Acts, decrees, laws, regulations or restrictions of any government.
  7. Any strike, disaster or maritime accident, postal or other relevant means of transport.

It is understood that the execution of the obligations under the Contract will be suspended throughout the duration of Major Force Events. An extension of the Contract will be granted for the duration of that period. It is understood that, although depending on Forces Major Events, MACLART S.r.l. will work to find a solution to comply with the contractual obligations.

ARTICLE 18 – Renunciation

If during the execution of the Contract we omit to exact the fulfillment of any of your obligations, or of any of the obligations contained in these General Conditions, or if MACLART S.r.l. omits to exercise any of the rights or actions to which it is entitled under this Agreement or these General Conditions, this shall not constitute waiver of such rights or actions and shall not lift the CUSTOMER’s from the fullfilmentce of its obligations.

Any tolerance in the face of a CUSTOMER’s default will be no waiver to react to a subsequent default.

No waiver by MACLART S.r.l. in respect of any of the CUSTOMER’s obligations under the Contract or these General Conditions will be valid if not communicated in writing, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 17 and 18 above.

General sales conditions updated on November 22, 2017