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Its sharp lines are a metaphor of speed. Road bikers love it. With its 130 grams ALEENA represents the super-light of padded seats. Its eye-catching design is the touch of class that can make any bike shine. The anatomic channel relieves pressure on the prostate area without reducing the support surface. Comfort is guaranteed by the self-shaping effect of EVA non-allergenic material and by the anatomical recesses in the rear saddle. ALEENA, 130 grams of pure Italian style.


COMPTUS is a mix of qualities: comfort, lightness, performance, elegance. Its extraordinary comfort has been validated by the most sophisticated pressure-measuring tests: millibars never so low thanks to a homogeneous distribution of weight on its surface. Dimension and shapes come from the analysis of the conformations of the average normotype. It will allow you to stay comfortable in the saddle and to move smoothly from the sitting position to the one on the pedals. COMPTUS is suitable for both road bike and MTB. The Rc-Base + the cover with unidirectional carbon shell and EVA padding weigh just 135 grams.

KUMA 4.0

KUMA resumes the same structural concepts of Aleena and Comptus, but with a thicker layer of padding. To achieve maximum damping power, Repente has chosen the special EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) material, an ultralight, non-toxic and non-allergenic polymeric compound that doesn’t lose its properties over time. An ideal solution for those who put comfort in the first place and for those who love to have fun off-road. You would not say it, but KUMA weighs only 145 grams.

Prime’s main characteristic is the wider anatomical cutout, that helps to ease pressure on the perineal area. This saddle offers a perfect mix of rigidity and comfort, in order to satisfy both racers and those who prefer long rides. With its treamlined, minimal lines and 165 grams it is one of the very special articles in its segment.

The more uniformly contact is distributed over the surface, the greater the cyclist’s comfort: this is the basis for the construction of Spyd. Comfort is provided by the central channeland by the ergonomic shape. Resistant to torsional deformation, Spyd will let you find your most natural position on the seat. It weighs just 175 grams.


REPENTE bar tapes offer unrivalled grip. They are made of non-allergenic multilayer plastic fibre featuring premium lightness, elasticity and vibration damping characteristics. For surface coating, extremely resistant, high-grip polyurethane was used. Available in black and white and in 2 and 3 mm thickness versions.