Seats without a “Dark Side”

If you want to fully appreciate the quality of a REPENTE seat, do not stop at the surface. Turn it over
and check what’s underneath. A REPENTE seat does not have a “dark side”: ours is a 360 degree approach to
quality. Inspect every detail of the innovative Rc-base: its carefully shaped design with a clever
combination of thicker areas and gaps, materials that blend into each other and harmonious lines
Marvel at the smoothness and lightness of the best carbon fibre composites. In a REPENTE seat, nothing is
hidden: what you see is what you get.


The structural components of REPENTE seats are produced using T700 carbon fibre. Machining is not done by moulding, but by autoclaving. This process requires longer working cycles and higher production costs, but the quality of the end product is significantly higher. The carbon fibre composite will not undergo external stress, therefore, its mechanical properties remain unchanged. In addition, autoclave processing eliminates the problem of micro-gaps in the fibres. The applied A.R.E technology allows us to make the best use of the carbon fibre material and ensure the highest degree of strength and reliability for our seats. Four years of guarantee are our pledge to you.


In a REPENTE seat, the rail does not just have a supporting function. The horizontal elements of the carbon fibre structure have been designed with differential cross-sections – to achieve the right mix of rigidity and flexibility throughout the support plane. The rear ends have been flattened to provide more homogeneous rigidity to the most heavily stressed part of the seat, while the front ends merge into a single, sturdy structural element. Pressure applied to the seat in the various riding stages is always under control. Smooth lines are also at the front, where the two modulated section support arms harmoniously blend into the tip.


The width of the seat is the result of anatomical measurements and shaping based on an average human build. Repente has developed three different shapes: ALEENA, COMPTUS and KUMA. Thanks to the test seats available at our dealers’, you will find the solution that best suits your physical characteristics and riding style.

Compact dimensions, light weight and freedom of movement are the guidelines that we followed to determine the exact length of REPENTE seats. Our seats are slightly shorter than the standard sizes: this will help you feel more comfortable in the saddle and to move with the greatest ease from the sitting to the sprinting position and vice versa.


Even the most careful and diligent cyclist will confirm this: in the long run, all seats will bear scuffs or marks along the rear edges, caused by friction against walls or the asphalt. Seat cover damaging is almost inevitable – which is why REPENTE came up with  ISSG (Integrated Shell Side Guards). The carbon fibre Rc-base to which the seat cover is secured has two slight protrusions, which protect the seat cover from accidental friction marks. We know how much you care about your seat: with ISSG , we can help you keep it safe over time.